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Love Prescriptions

I began doing love prescriptions because every time I say my given name – Cupid – the majority of folks ask me for love advice. This inspired me to embody “Cupid” as a character who resembles a 20th century therapist like Sigmund Freud. As a method of this character, I use Freud’s technique of “free association” to encourage a participant to talk freely about any aspect of their love life. In return I write a “love prescription” based on our conversation on die cut hearts with India ink. This prescription can take many forms, including an insight the participant has unknowingly revealed to me or a task that the participant should do based on what they have told me.  This performance was done on the 14th day of each month in 2014-2015 and has been performed upon request. This performance has been a way for me to own my identity as Cupid and share the wonderful unexpected moments of intimacy in conversations between strangers about Love.

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Washington Square, September 14, 2014

Stanley Park, July 5th, 2015

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